Cadogan House, The Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth Park, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

The school is in the middle of an enormous estate, so use WD3 4EH as the postcode to take you to Chorleywood Road, then look for the main school gates by the pedestrian lights, (see image below).

The hall has an excellent dance floor and sound system, as it’s currently used for ballet classes.

Sarratt Village Hall - Fusion Sundays venue

By car – 

Go through the school gates, see image

In 300 yds you will get to a barrier

Pass through the barrier and you will see an avenue of trees on your left.

Go down the avenue and Cadogan is the building on the left.

The hall is to the right and behind this building at the end of the car park.

Barrier – will be open between 1.15pm and 4pm after which you will need to park and walk the remainder of the way.

Sarratt Village Hall - Fusion Sundays venue

Rickmansworth Underground Met Line/Chiltern Main line Station:

From the station exit you will see a roundabout and dual carriageway heading away from you. The School is on that road but to get to it turn right out of the station exit and cross the slip road to walk behind the building in front of you.

Here you will find an underpass.

Go through underpass, up the path to the end of the road.

Continue straight across into Chorleywood Close.

Take the footpath at the end of the Close to the pedestrian lights.

Cross here to the entrance of the school.

Then follow instructions as for cars, a total of 15-20mins.

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